Canvas codecheck grading

Canvas codecheck grading solves the problem of tediously grading codecheck files with Canvas’s point-and-click interface. Instead of downloading each of the codecheck files individually, extracting them one-by-one, looking at the report and grading the files by hand, you can simply edit a single text file locally on your computer.

All you need to grade a codecheck submission is to give a comment in a plain text document that’s generated by the script, such as the snippet shown below:

_dir: lastname--firstname_1234567
_name: lastname--firstname
_canvas_id: 1234567
_total_score: 18/18
Good work, Firstname.

Here are where you put your comments, such as...

Clever logic with the if statements!

Try to remove those variables you didn't use at all.


If you need to modify the score, put them here,
like so:

-1 points for nonprivate instance variables
this line beginning with '-1' will deduct 1 point from the 18 points
shown above. Now the student will receive 17 points on this assignment.

Every line that doesn't start with an integer will just be a note.


Project dependencies

  • Python (2.7 or 3.3) on your system.
  • Canvas information (an access token and the course ID), which you will add to the configuration file to this script.
  • Java JDK (for the jar and jarsigner commands)


  • Automatic grading/point weighing with the codecheck files
  • Easy grading via a single plain text document.
  • Quickly open mulitple submitted codecheck report files.
  • Uploading grades and comments to Canvas


The code for this project can be found at the Bitbucket repository.


If you have any questions or problems with the scripts, please email me at